I guess Nate already gave this away with his comment on my last post, but it’s true: I got a new job. I’m the new network administrator for a company that’s one of the leading manufacturers of water skis & wakeboards. They have a pretty big network — 8 servers and about 120 or so users, so I shouldn’t get bored. The ironic part is that I’ll be working for a company that’s based on water sports when I have a phobia of open bodies of water. (Which, btw, I blame on gclark; there was an incident when we were kids that involved a canoe and an alligator-and-water-moccasin-filled lake in the Ozarks. It still gives me nightmares.) But luckily, being able to water ski and/or wakeboard is not in my job description, so it should be fine. The thing is, if I could do either of those activities in a swimming pool, I’d be totally down with it. But if there’s a chance that there’s some kind of live critter swimming anywhere near me, heeeeeell no.

So I gave my 2 weeks’ notice at my current job, and I’ll start at the new place on Monday, March 22nd. I’m really excited about it, but I have to add, I’ve really enjoyed working at TekAgency for the past year & a half, and my reason for leaving is strictly financial. The new place just offered me a heck of a lot more than I’m currently making, and I am in no position to turn that down. I know money isn’t everything, but it sure feels like it when you’re almost 30 (ok, 28, close enough) and still borrowing from your parents on a regular basis. I’m tired of crying every time I balance my checkbook. This should definitely help.

The part that sucks is that I really wanted to go out this weekend to celebrate, and every single one of my friends has plans. So I’m feeling a little hurt & lonely, but I’ll get over it. I wish Kris lived here, she’d go out for cocktails with me. But with that one exception, it’s been an otherwise really good week.