pooh tattoo part deux

I went to the gym tonight — that’s the 2nd time this week, for those of you who are keeping track. I’m trying to find a useful outlet for all this crazy body image stuff that’s been in my head lately, and this seems like a healthier alternative than oh, say, plastic surgery. And cheaper, since I already paid for my membership for the next 3 years.

I’ve noticed at my gym that LOTS of people have tattoos, which I suppose is really no big deal. I imagine that most of the people I run into on a daily basis probably have one or two that you’d never see when they’re in their street clothes, but it’s a different story when they’re in tank tops & shorts. I mean, I have one (tattoo, that is), but I imagine that there are plenty of folks out there who’d be shocked to know that. But since I know a couple of tattoo artists, I always check out other people’s body art. Usually just a quick glance to notice the design and how good or bad the shading/coloring is.

Anyway, tonight I was working out on one of the weight machines, and this lady sat down on the machine next to me. Something above the sock line on her ankle caught my eye. I glanced down, and TA-DA!! She had a tattoo of Winnie the Pooh. And you know, it was kind of lame. So I’m thinking that we’ll just forget about that idea and keep saving up for something else superficial & cosmetic, like having all of my leg hair permanently lasered off (god, that would save so much time).