hobbit names

Ok, I’ve obviously been spending way too much time hanging out on Adam’s site lately….

Here’s a new one for you kids: The Hobbit Name Generator. Oh no, I’m not making it up. It’s for real. You can also get your Elf name too.

For the record, my hobbit name is Azaelia Chubb — I think it sounds a bit like a stripper/porn star name — and my elf name is Larien Melwasúl. Which, god help me, I think sounds kind of pretty.

The crazy thing is that I’m oddly fascinated by this, even though I’ve never seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies. Every guy I know is obsessed with them, so I kind of have an anti-LOTR reactionary stance. I refuse to go see them in the theater. Maybe I’ll see them on HBO someday, maybe I won’t. This attitude seems to drive a lot of my movie-nerd friends insane. That’s probably why I do it. >:-) (evil grin)

Oh, and a side note. I know that a lot of my friends consider themselves to be quite the Internet romance Lotharios, so this little instructional video for cyba luvaaaahs might give you a few useful tips. (Btw, that’s most likely not a work-safe link.)