stress & eating (and stress-eating)

Teenie’s going to the vet tomorrow. It’s now at the point where she holds up her front left leg when she’s sitting, as if she doesn’t want to put any weight on it at all. It’s freaking me out, so we’re going to find out what the heck is going on with her. I really hope they don’t have to do X-rays, I am so painfully broke right now…

The Atkins thing has been easy until tonight. I tend to munch when I’m bored, and since I’m pathetically single & have no plans on Friday night…. yeah. Anyway, I want something sweet, which isn’t really an option. The protein bars don’t do it for me, they’re kind of gross. I did find a legal treat that kind of works — cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, and a splash of vanilla extract and Equal just for taste. It’s kind of got a cheesecake-y element going for it. Not bad.

Ah, screw it. I’m taking a bath and going to bed.