my parenting gold star(s)

Courtesy of Erin

Did You Earn Your Gold Star?

I actually have 3 gold star-worthy moments:

1. Last week, Lucy barfed up her entire dinner and I managed to catch 99.9% of it in a Tupperware container. Like a boss.

2. Catie found my black thong and asked if it was an eyepatch. I managed to not die laughing.
(File under, totally unrelated but since I’m over-sharing anyway: only a few hours before that, Lucy came into the bathroom as I was getting out the shower, walked up to me, poked me in my Most Sacred of Ladyplaces, cracked up laughing, and then walked out. I just kind of stood there, going, “Did that really just happen?”)

3. I opened the car door in such a way that the bottom corner of the door whacked me right in the shin. I jumped around and pounded on the wall of the garage a little bit, but I didn’t say the f-word, so I’m going to call that a win.