prayers for Maddie

I know a lot of y’all read Heather over at The Spohrs Are Multiplying. She’s one of my favorite bloggers, and just a super-cool chick. If you’ve been reading her blog or following her on Twitter, you might already know that right now her baby girl Maddie is in the hospital. They don’t know what’s wrong, it’s not RSV or the flu, but her latest update said that they’re going to intubate Maddie.

I’m just sitting here crying and clutching Catie to me, I cannot imagine what Heather and Mike are going through right now. I know Catie doesn’t have the preemie issue to deal with like Maddie does, but she does have the asthma/lung issues, so this all just feels very close to home for me. I’ve been following Maddie’s journey on Heather’s blog for a long time, I feel like I know them, and this whole thing has me so worried and freaked out for them.

If any of you are the praying type, please throw some out there for Maddie, Heather and Mike. And if you’re not, just send positive healthy-baby vibes (and “stay strong, Mommy & Daddy” vibes) in the general direction of L.A. I know they’ll appreciate it.

Edited to Add: Baby Maddie passed away this evening. I am sobbing so hard, I have no words.