4 days

Four freaking days. That’s how long it took for Catie to come home sick from daycare.

I knew something was up when I picked her up today, and she immediately started crying about something silly (a Valentine’s Day stamp on her hand, which she didn’t like and wanted to wash off). We went to the grocery store, and she said she wanted juice, but then she started crying as soon as she took a sip. I asked her if her throat hurt, and she said yes. I asked what else hurt, and she said, “My eyebrows.” Which, ok, that’s kind of funny, but you know, a sinus headache does hurt right around your eyebrows, so I thought that was actually pretty smart of her to be that specific.

So, quick side trip over to the pharmacy section of the grocery store where I promptly ripped open a box of children’s Tylenol meltaways and handed her two of them (don’t worry, I paid for them later). We finished up our shopping and headed home. She ate an Otter Pop and a couple of strawberries, but that was it. She’s had a fever and chills all evening. I managed to get about a 1/2 cup of watered-down juice in her before she went to bed, and I consider that a small victory to keep her from getting dehydrated.

It’s just amazing to me that in the course of a day, she can go from this:

hamming it up for the camera
Taken this morning.

To this:
sick girl
Taken tonight. Note she’s wearing a hoodie over her winter pajamas and still shivering, my poor girl.

Obviously, there will be no daycare tomorrow. I predict a lot of time on the couch, watching cartoons and eating Otter Pops. Which is fine, as long as she starts feeling better soon. I hate it so much when she’s sick. I miss my happy chatty girl.