Just because

Once again, I mention that Lucy seems fine in one blog post, so it’s pretty much inevitable that we’d end up at Urgent Care over the weekend, right?

Lucy had been acting a little out of character (grumpy, tired, etc.). Then today, I noticed her pulling on her ears, which is basically THE BIGGEST, REDDEST FLAG EVER.

So, off to Urgent Care we went.

Turns out, filming the baby with an iPhone is a good way to keep her distracted while waiting for a doctor.

The doctor said her ears don’t look infected, but her sinuses are so infected that her ears were clogged (sort of like the airplane ear-popping effect, but for poor Lucy, it was all the time), so now she’s on an antibiotic.

In case you were keeping track, yes, that now makes all three of us on antibiotics.

I’m giving the cats the side-eye. They better not get any ideas. I’m getting sick of shoving syringes in people’s mouths up in here.

3 thoughts on “Just because

  1. You’ve had enough scourges for one winter! I hope this is the end of it. Feel better, Poobou girls!!!!

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