Hungry Eyes*

Last night seemed normal at first. I got Catie to bed, checked my email one last time, took my melatonin pill and headed off to bed. Dave had left the TV on in our room, and “Dirty Dancing” was on. I ended up watching it that rather than going to sleep. Why? I don’t know. I can never seem to turn that movie off when it’s on. It’s one of those guilty pleasure movies – it’s awful & I love it.**

By the time the movie was over and I turned the TV off to try to sleep, I noticed that my stomach felt… wrong. It was hurting and cramping a bit. I thought it was probably something I ate, but didn’t think too much about it. I just tried to ignore it and go to sleep.

I woke up about an hour later in major pain. Seriously, I don’t even know how to describe it. My entire torso was cramping up, and it kept hitting me in waves. I didn’t know if I was going to poop, barf, poop AND barf, or die.

And even though it’s totally illogical? It felt a whole lot like labor pain, and I thought for a few minutes that I was going to end up like one of those women on I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, and my big 15 minutes of fame was going to happen when Joel McHale mocked my stupidity on The Soup.

Seriously, I was half-asleep and in pain. Sound reasoning isn’t top-notch at 2:30 in the morning. The only thing that calmed me down is that I had a physical back in August and I’m pretty sure that the doctor would’ve noticed if I was pregnant during my pelvic exam. So the idea that I could be nine months pregnant and about to unknowingly deliver a baby? Well, it seemed a bit unlikely.

So… I’m not pregnant. Of course. I do, however, seem to have a pretty vicious case of food poisoning. No idea what caused it, either. I’m feeling a little better now – I had some chicken soup and a piece of toast, and everything is staying down, so I think I’ll live.

Dave very kindly got up with Catie this morning and took her to Target so I could get some more rest, since I had been awake and sick during so much of last night. They came back with a “get well, Mommy” present for me. A box full of miniature plastic dinosaurs. Just what I’ve always wanted. Oh well, the dinosaurs are keeping Catie happy and occupied, so I guess that’s good enough.

*That song is stuck in my head after watching Dirty Dancing last night. But believe me, my eyes are anything but hungry right now. Blech.

** Random thought: Is it just me or was Jennifer Grey way cuter before she had a nose job?

6 thoughts on “Hungry Eyes*

  1. Oh man that is seriously something I do not want to ever have happen to me. Sounds incredibly painful and horrible! I’m glad Dave took Catie so you could relax and try to not vomit. Ugh.

    I hope you feel even better tomorrow!

  2. Did the pain ebb & flow? Like feel horribly bad, then feel a little better, then feel horribly bad again? Has it happened before?

    Wondering b/c I had it happen a lot and have assvice.

    And yes, Jennifer Gray was so much cuter before the nose job.

  3. So glad you are feeling better and for about 2 hours earlier this evening I thought you might have passed your stomach bug to me through the Interwebz. Turns out it may have just been the nervous shits from watching a HORRIBLE Texas Longhorn football game. As soon as the game was over and we finally won it I was better. LOL (Sorry for the TMI!!!!)

    So what’s the official countdown?

  4. Lots of celebs regret their plastic surgery. I read an article where she said she couldn’t get hired after the nose job because no one recognized her. She thought it would boost her career and it hurt it. Somewhere in that story there’s a lesson we should teach our daughters about jsut being themselves.

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