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Ok, so, we need to move on quickly because I’m uncomfortable leaving that post at the top of the page too long. Let’s talk about something else, shall we? Hey, I know!


No, not the musical. Ok, so remember when we did this to Beaumont?

Beaumont post-haircut

I have to say, he doesn’t seem to mind his haircut too much. His short hair feels like velvet, so we can’t keep our hands off him, and he’s getting way more love than he ever got when his fur was all nasty and matted. So he’s happy. Which is good, because before we had him shaved, my mom was all, “You’re going to traumatize him! He’ll be scarred for life!” And, uh, no. Sorry, Mom. He’s a pretty happy fella.

It’s funny how different our two cats are in so many ways. Lately we’ve been having these intense afternoon thunderstorms, which are pretty common in the South. The humidity builds and builds and finally just explodes sometime in late afternoon. The funny thing is how differently the cats react.

Exhibit A: Teenie. Teenie was born in Memphis (I saved her from an ice storm in January 1997, a few days before my 21st birthday), and she lived there for a couple of years, so she’s used to this type of weather. She’s also old (almost 13!) and she sleeps a lot. The loudest thunder clap rarely gets her to even crack one eye open.

Then there’s exhibit B: Beaumont. Poor Beaumont was born & raised in the Pacific Northwest, where sure it rains a lot, but it’s more of a constant drizzle. There’s very rarely anything dramatic in the weather. (You know, except the occasional 70 mph wind storms. But those only happen when I’m EIGHT AND A HALF MONTHS PREGNANT AND YES I’M STILL BITTER ABOUT IT.)

Anyway, Beaumont does not know what to do with thunderstorms. He freaks. A little while ago, I heard a faint rumble of thunder way off in the distance, and Beaumont (who had been sound asleep on a dining room chair) rocketed up the stairs and under the bed as if someone had fired a starter pistol right next to his ear. (Um, not that I’ve ever actually shot a starter pistol near my cats. Honest. I really haven’t. Please don’t call PETA on me.)

laziest. cat. ever.
Meanwhile, Teenie’s all “Yeah, don’t wake me unless it’s the apocalypse. And maybe not even then.”

So, yeah. Cats are weird, I think is what I’m saying.

There. A blog post all about my cats. What could be less controversial, I ask you?

And how are you today?

7 thoughts on “completely random topic change

  1. I’ve never thought of shaving our long-haired cats when they get mats, I just clip off the icky parts. That whole soft-as-velvet thing may have just convinced me to go all out.

  2. I’m great, thanks for asking! 🙂

    I’m not a real big cat person, but I did post pictures of my dog today. Just sayin’…

    You’re right, this post is definitely Uncontroversial.

  3. Our long-haired cat has horrible mats. We’ve been cutting them out, but after seeing it can be done, I am totally sold on having her shaved. She’s digusting, and I when I clip the mats out I’m so afraid I am going to cut her that I don’t really get all of them.

  4. Oh, poor Beaumont! I am dying with laughter, though. It’s been a while since you’ve posted a photo of Ms. Teeny. Yay, cat post!

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