fill my eyes with that double vision

I mentioned here a while ago that I was having problems with my eyesight, which I’d noticed when I was trying to read. It isn’t so much a problem when I’m on the computer, but books, the iPhone, and the Kindle all made my right eye hurt and go blurry. I knew I was way overdue for an eye checkup (my last one was sometime in 2003, I think), so I made appointment for today, since Catie is in daycare and I wouldn’t have to bring her with me.

Also, Dave’s glasses broke a while ago, so he needed some new ones. Ok then, appointments for two! Not quite a date night, but any outing without the kid counts, right?

As I was kind of expecting, the doctor told me I was farsighted right away. Then she started doing that, “which is better, number 1 or number 2?” thing with the different lenses. And while my left eye is basically fine, no matter what she did with the lenses on my right eye, I was pretty much blind. Huh. It was a little disconcerting. I kept waiting for the big, “hey, I can see!” epiphany, but it never happened.

She did some more tests, and concluded that I have a lazy eye. It’s not severe, she said people wouldn’t notice it when they’re making eye contact with me – unlike a guy I once went on a blind date with, who had a lazy eye so bad that he made me horribly self-conscious that there was something wrong with my ear. One eye made perfect eye contact, the other seemed to be focusing on the side of my head. It was freaky.

Also, my dad has glaucoma, and she’s a little worried that I might be showing early signs of developing it too. So I’m going back next week for some test that will involve a plastic thing on the surface of my eyeball and oh my god, I think I’m going to have to get my regular doctor to call in some Valium for me beforehand.

In the meantime, I now have glasses. Or at least, I’ll have them in 7 to 10 business days.

I have glasses

Certainly not the greatest picture of me, but they’re pretty cute, right? They’re red. I like them.

Dave has glasses too

Dave got glasses too. They look a lot like his old ones, I think it’s a good look for him.

P.S. Apologies if the title of this post put a Foreigner song in your head. It seemed fitting.

9 thoughts on “fill my eyes with that double vision

  1. oh that is too funny — first of all, i have the one good eye and one lazy eye that can’t see a damn thing too — AND i have red glasses that look almost just like yours!!

    and btw, you should be getting that damn glaucoma test every year like me and chris b/c of daddy!

  2. I love the red glasses — so cute. You look all intellectual now. Dave’s are nice, too. He looks like the clever guy in the office. He should’ve raised one eyebrow for that picture, though.

    My doctor told me I had a slight lazy eye after e-baby was born, and she said it is sometimes brought on by stress. Don’t know if it self-corrects or not, but that one might not be your dad’s fault. Or heck, it might be your mom’s fault!

  3. Can’t they do that test with an annoying puff of air instead of the plastic thing?

    I think I had that test before- they put some drops in my eyes to numb them, and I lost my balance and perception of up/down. I thought that was supposed to come from your inner ear, but apparently your eyes can be part of that perception too.

    The test itself is easy.

  4. They did the air-puff test (and God, how I hate that), and the results were fine. But I guess I show signs of having early stages of some sort of rare form of glaucoma that can cause sudden blindness, so I may need laser surgery to prevent it. We’ll see. I’ll do the test (much as it squicks me out), but I’m going to get a 2nd opinion before I let anyone use a “laser” (Dr. Evil air-quotes) near my eyeball.

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