all purple'd up

My blog’s gone purple for Maddie.

The Spohrs have asked that people wear purple to Maddie’s funeral service on Tuesday, as it was her favorite color (and also the color for the March of Dimes). In a show of support, a lot of Heather’s friends in the blogosphere are also turning our Internet presence purple – hence the changes to the blog, and also changing our Twitter avatars purple.

And even though we won’t be in California for the memorial service, we still intend to wear purple on Tuesday. We might even release a balloon for Maddie, if I can find a purple balloon somewhere.

Also, if you haven’t donated to the Spohrs yet, and needed a little extra motivation to do so, the beautiful and talented Yvonne at Joy Unexpected is doing a giveaway – for every $10 you give, you can enter for a chance to win a Nikon Coolpix camera. Or you can go to InstaMom, where she’s doing the same giveaway thing, but with a Nintendo DSi. Can’t hurt, right?

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. I’ll write more about ours tomorrow. In the meantime, hug your babies and eat some chocolate. Easter is the one day of the year that chocolate has no calories. (What, you didn’t know that? It’s totally true.)