Wordless Wednesday Thursday

Note: not totally wordless, since these need captions.
Because sometimes, you just gotta make a pouty face. For no reason.

toddler fashion sense
What do you mean wearing a skirt over jeans isn’t in style? This is FASHION!! I’m avante garde, people!
(Note that her shoes are on the wrong feet too. She put them on herself.)

playing chase through the dining room
I love this face so much it hurts.

in her new pajamas
Last night, after Catie’s bath, I thought I’d get some pictures of her new pajamas, because they’re awfully cute.

playing with a ball after bathtime
Then she grabbed a ball, and that was fun too.

running around in my scarf & her rain boots
Then she found my winter scarf (which is maroon and furry and sort of looks/feels like a skinned fraggle), and decided to play dress up.

The scarf alone was pretty good, but not quite enough. Add in her pink rain boots and Mommy’s faux-fur leopard-print hat, and voila!
apparently the "playing dress-up" phase has begun
A tiny, toddler-sized pimp was born.

on the couch in her costume, eating ice cubes

her rain boots + Mommy's hat & scarf = AWESOME
I know all parents say this, but seriously, that kid is the most awesome person I have ever had the pleasure to know.

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