The Shred, tricycles, etc.

* I’ve been doing The 30-Day Shred consistently for the past couple of weeks, and I seem to have overdone it at some point. I have wonky knees to begin with (my right knee is worse than my left), so I was trying to be careful. I wore a knee brace on my right leg when I worked out, which I always do when I’m doing any type of strenuous exercise. Even with the brace on, though, my right knee is now all swollen and aching. And my left knee doesn’t hurt exactly, but I can feel it when I walk, which isn’t good – it’s usually a sign that I’m about one workout away from really hurting myself. And you know, I have a two year-old to chase around, I can’t afford to be incapacitated right now.

So, I’m easing off and I’m working out with the Wii Fit (which is a lot of fun, but let’s face it, it’s way easier than The Shred) for the next few days until my knees start to feel “normal” again. I do really enjoy The Shred, though – I love that it totally kicks my butt in such a time-efficient manner – so I look forward to picking it up again soon.

* All of the new behaviors that Catie’s picked up in the past week are blowing my mind. I’ve heard moms talk about how their kids suddenly changed when they turned two, but I don’t think I actually believed it until I saw it firsthand. But while she used to run away laughing when I tried to change her poopy diaper, now she wants me to change her as soon as she poops (“Mommy, help! Stinky!”, complete with a tushie-grab to make sure I understand). I’m starting to think that potty training is in our near future.

And she no longer just says, “Hi, [name].” Now it’s, “Hi, Mommy [or Daddy]! It’s me, Catie!” Oh, that’s a relief. I’m glad you clarified that, or I might’ve gotten you confused with that other blonde two year-old that lives here. So there are some developments that are right on track for her age, and some that are just flat-out random. But luckily, she’s pretty hilarious most of the time, so it makes up for some of the more… er, annoying toddler traits.

Also, my parents got Catie a tricycle for her birthday. She hasn’t figured out the pedals, but luckily we have the one with the parent-height handlebar so I can steer and push while she rides. I’m sure she’ll figure out the pedals eventually, but she has fun with it anyway.

helmet girl

testing out her new tricycle

* Last thing: I got a phone call this morning from my cousin Cat. It sounds like she maybe, possibly, might kinda-sorta be in early labor. She’s full term (37 weeks), but this is a little bit early for baby Jambuca to make his appearance. I’m waiting to hear more, but in the meantime, everybody send her “if this is the real thing, let it be quick & easy, with a happy, healthy mom & baby” vibes. (Boy, that was awfully specific, wasn’t it?)

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