the "best of the year" video

Ok, my sister demands it, and I immediately cave and make a damn video montage.

Catie’s 2nd Year from poobou on Vimeo.

I went with Vimeo this time instead of my usual YouTube because of a licensing issue – I really wanted to use that Jason Mraz song (“I’m Yours,” for those of you who haven’t heard it ten gajillion times already). It seems to fit the tone, and Catie loves the song; every time it comes on the car radio (which is, um, basically every time we’re in the car), she kind of bobs her head and tries to sing along. So it was perfect. But apparently the rights are owned by [insert major record company name], and there was some lawsuit between [said record company] and YouTube about copyright infringements, so YouTube flagged my audio file and wouldn’t let me upload the video with any audio. So, hey! Vimeo! That’ll work. Suck it, big corporate music giant.

(And yes, I do feel totally rebellious by violating somebody’s copyright laws somewhere. It’s kind of making me nervous, I’m waiting for the cops to show up at my front door and either arrest me or slap me with some huge fine over a bunch of videos of my kid. But I also feel good about it, like I’m sticking it to The Man somehow. God, I am so pathetic.)

Anyway, hope y’all enjoy the video.

EDITED 4/7/2009: Apparently that corporate music giant found my video after all, and Vimeo removed it. Argh. I’ve hidden the file on my site, so if you want to see it, email me and I’ll send you the link. But I really don’t need to get sued for some stupid copyright infringement b.s., so I’m not posting it here.

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  1. Oh, I love that!!! And I love that song, so it makes it perfect. You’re right– you can really see the changes over the past year and it’s just beyond words. She is such a great dancer.

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