two, redux

It’s official, I give up. I cannot make a video montage because it’s too hard. I can’t pick a song that accurately fits her year, I can’t narrow down which videos are my favorites, and I certainly can’t pick just a few seconds here and there to narrow it down even more. I’m just stuck. Also, the grandparents are waiting for the year-end DVDs that I make for them (a compilation of all the movies I’ve filmed throughout the year), and that’s going to be enough of a time-consuming project for now. Apparently I established a precedent by making DVDs for them last year, so now they’ll be expecting them for each year from now on, for the rest of my life.

Plus, someone apparently sent the child a memo that being two means she needs to kick the behavior issues up a notch. She’s the same as she’s always been, 95% of the time she’s completely hilarious and delightful. But the other 5%… wow. I think there are probably dogs hundreds of miles away whose eardrums have shattered because of my girl’s tantrums.

2 years old - birthday girl
Who, me?

So instead of a montage video, I give you the video we took of Catie’s birthday celebration at home. It was very quiet, just the three of us, but it was fun. (Be warned, it’s kind of a long-ish video, 4 & 1/2 minutes. This is one of those things that’ll probably only interest the grandparents.)

Also, I finally uploaded the video we took of her playing in the snow on Inauguration Day. (This one’s shorter, 2 & 1/2 minutes. And infinitely funnier for all of the cackling with glee she does at the snow.)

Yesterday, the weather was crummy (windy and rainy), so to let her burn off some energy before naptime, Catie and I went to one of those indoor play spaces. She had a great time.

playing in the toy kitchen

...and then the dinosaurs trampled a poor unsuspecting village

After we played for a while, we met up with my across-the-street neighbor, Kimberly, and her baby, Morgan, for lunch. The girls had a great time playing with (or rather, near) each other, and when we got home, Catie went down for her nap with no trouble. I love it when that happens.

A couple of random vocabulary things she’s said lately that have cracked me up:
1) This afternoon, I noticed that Teenie had barfed on the couch (AGAIN! Cats in their golden years can be a major pain in the you-know-what sometimes). I muttered, “oh dammit,” to myself. Catie looked at me and said, “Wass wrong, Mommy?” That was mind-blowing enough on its own. But then I told her that Teenie had gotten sick on the couch, so she comes over, peers onto the sofa to inspect the situation herself, and says, “Oh no! Mess! Mommy, Teenie did mess!” Yes, baby, Teenie made a mess. And I have no idea where on earth you learned to say all that.

2) A couple of nights ago, she slipped and fell in the living room. I wasn’t watching that closely when it happened, but she landed with such a thud that I thought she might’ve hit her head on the coffee table. (She was right next to the coffee table at the time.) I picked her up and was trying to comfort her, and I asked her if she hit her head. Through her sobs, she said, “No, my tushie!” and grabbed her own butt to illustrate her point. That, my friends, is completely awesome.

6 thoughts on “two, redux

  1. I do the exact same thing for my friends and family every year as Christmas presents. Send me all your footage and a check for $250 and I’ll do all your editing, chapter the Year In Review disk, print you custom DVD labels and design you an a DVD cover using family photos from your flickr stream.

    If money isn’t exactly growing on trees right now, try these songs to inspire you to finish it… Try “You are the Love of My Life” or “Child of Mine” both by Carole King, or “I Just Want To Go With You” by Janine Seeley. Since Catie likes “Winnie the Pooh,” Kenny Loggins’ “Return to Pooh Corner” might be particularly poignant.

    The offer is for real, though. I’m on furlough next week. I need something to do with my hands besides updating my resume, trying to figure out what job would make me half as happy as being a photojournalist for a New York newspaper, and breathing into a brown paper bag. 😉

  2. Angie, that’s very sweet of you to offer, but $250 is way outside of our budget right now. Especially for something that I can do myself. It’s not that hard to make DVDs, it’s just time-consuming, you know?

    What does “furlough” mean in your case, exactly? Hope it’s nothing bad or ominous.

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