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An update on that last post: we’re all home now. We thought Catie was going to have to stay a second night in the hospital, but since she hadn’t needed additional oxygen support since last night, and since we have the nebulizer at home to manage her asthma symptoms, they discharged her late this afternoon. I cannot begin to tell y’all how happy I am to have my baby girl at home, and to not have to spend another night in a hospital recliner.

The main problem right now is that we have to give her an oral steroid for the swelling in her airways, and it makes her crazy hyper. So she’s running around, which in turn makes her winded, which leads us back to square one with her asthma. We (meaning me, Dave, and the grandparents) are trying to contain her movements, with limited to zero success thus far. We’re keeping cartoons on the TV in the hopes that something will catch her attention and mesmerize her into sitting still for a while.

It sucks that this happened while the in-laws are here – last year when they came to visit, we all got the flu. This year, we end up with a sick kid in the ER. I can only wonder what’ll happen when they come next year. Broken bone? Small pox outbreak? Place your bets now, we’ll see how it goes in 2009.

But on the up side, it was really nice to have two extra sets of hands around to help out with Catie, especially when she was throwing up and I needed tupperware bowls, or cool wet rags, or whatever. And it was lovely to come back from the hospital to find that the kitchen had been cleaned, there was food in the fridge, and the laundry was switched from the washer to the dryer so it wouldn’t mildew (although that last one might’ve been Dave, I’m not sure).

Here’s hoping the post-steroid crash happens sooner than later so we can all get some shut-eye. At least we’ll be in our own beds tonight, which makes everything else seem like gravy.

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