oh, wow

I literally can’t stop misting up right now. I am so happy that Obama won, I just have no words for how incredible this is. I saw Jesse Jackson on TV crying a few minutes ago, and I just lost it. To try to wrap my head around what a huge moment in history this is… well, words are failing me right now.

The numbers still aren’t in for North Carolina. I know that it clearly doesn’t matter in light of the landslide that Obama’s got so far. But I have to say that I do feel like I have a vested interest in the NC election, and yeah, I’m going to take it just a little bit personally if this state doesn’t go blue. Conversely, I’ll be taking all the credit if he does win NC. Because you know, it’s all about me. (Ha!)

For what it’s worth…

pretty girl

That volunteer work that I did? I did for that little girl right there. Because I want the best for her future, and I truly believe that Barack Obama will work to improve the lives of all of us, and our children in particular.

Ok, it’s almost midnight, I’m about to fall over from exhaustion, and I have to get to bed. I’m just… yeah. Overwhelmed. Verklempt. Filled with pride for my fellow Americans. And just so, so happy.

Pleasant dreams, everybody.

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    Can you believe how close it is here? Anyone in NC, from either side of the aisle, who decided their vote wouldn’t matter is kicking themselves today.

    Funny thought– what must it be like for your 18th birthday to be… today?

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