ok, moving on

Hey, does anyone want to lighten the mood with a chorus of “Row Row Row Your Boat”? Yes? I thought so.


Apologies for my singing.

She kind of spaced out near the end because she saw the kids next door playing outside and she wanted to go join them. Still, I love when she throws in her own little “row row row”s. She did it for my parents on the phone last night and cracked them up. I’m starting to really enjoy this age.

(Btw, anyone else’s kids want to wear their coats ALL the time, even when inside? Just mine? I don’t get it, she isn’t cold, I think she just likes the color and the way it feels.)

5 thoughts on “ok, moving on

  1. CUTE! I love where she comes out of her window-revery and into a rousing chorus of “Row row row row boat!!”

    She DOES have a fabulous coat, BTW, which is probably why she doesn’t want to take it off. It’s all purple and off-the-shoulder and loose-fitting. Who wouldn’t want to wear it all day?

  2. I know, that coat is a size 18 months and it’s HUGE on her. I bought it last winter and it was even bigger then! She’s outgrown pretty much everything else that’s a size 18 months, but not the coat. Weird.

  3. Okay, this is very cute, but you know what KILLS me? When Beaumont joins in. Kid singing=cute. Cat meowing along= cute. Kid + cat = SQUEEE!

    I’m so predictable. Heh.

  4. NOW, if you can get her singing while holding Teenie and Beaumont singing along? Whew. 🙂 I know it’ll never happen but still… that would be a cute explosion.

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