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1. We survived our house inspection yesterday, although we don’t really know the upshot of it. We heard back from our realtor that the major things we needed to be forewarned about are (a) a leak in the roof over the garage, which we wouldn’t have noticed because it’s way up in the eaves, but we’re going to have to get it fixed, and (b) “signs of rodent activity” in the crawlspace under the house. Which is apparently true of pretty much every house out here – I mean, hello, we’re in the boonies, of COURSE there are field mice everywhere. But they’ve done some damage to the insulation down there, so we’ll have to get that fixed too. But overall, it doesn’t sound like there are any humongous expenses that are going to come out of it. Which is great news.

2. The buyers’ realtor told us that she could use a barn cat or two, so she offered to adopt Cleo & Greta. I think that would work well for Greta, but Cleo is really a mostly-indoor cat. She only likes to go out when it’s really warm, and she’s not much of a hunter at all. So it might end up that we separate them and try to find another home for Cleo, which I didn’t want to do, but as long as I can find places where they’ll both be happy, I guess that’s all that really matters. Dave thinks that Greta would be really happy as a barn cat, since she isn’t very social at all, and she’s great at killing small things. Maybe he’s right. Anyone want to adopt Cleo? She’s a super-sweet cuddler and she’s got those awesome paws with “thumbs” (6 toes) that make her look like a little ballet dancer.

3. Even though we’ve technically sold the place, we had another showing this morning. Apparently this guy was bummed to hear that we had sold the house and asked his realtor to make an appointment so he might have a chance to make us a counter-offer. Hmm. Yeah, ok. I’m not holding my breath, and I’m fine with the offer that we got. I was mostly just annoyed that I had to clean up the house again for this guy to come see the place.

4. I think Cate is getting her molars. She has a runny nose, which initially made me think it was a cold, but she’s also been drooling like crazy and trying to shove her entire hand in her mouth. Poor baby, she really seems to be pretty miserable. And she woke up about once an hour last night, so neither of us is what you might call “well-rested” today.

5. My amazing cousin Cat and Cara (the lovely realtor that Cat & Tony introduced us to) are going to act as our representatives in North Carolina and go find us a rental house this Friday afternoon. I’ve told them that I’m relying on their fabulous tastes to make sure we get a nice place. Whee!! I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “random stuff

  1. Sounds like you are busy as ever! How many teeth does Cate have now? Is there an order they get them in so I can prepare for molars?

  2. She’s up to 7 total – four on top, three on the bottom. The fourth one on the bottom made a brief appearance, then her gums swelled up and it went back in. I don’t think that’s what it is this time, since she’s sticking her hand so far back in her mouth.

    I don’t really know if there’s a specific order they’re supposed to get them in, or if there’s just a “typical” pattern that they may or may not stick to.

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