Cate's first sentence

This morning, she announced:


Apparently we’re raising a born-again Christian. Dave and I are very worried.

I promise you, though, the second she starts talking about what a great president Bush is, we’re going to find some sort of toddler-brainwashing camp and send her there.

13 thoughts on “Cate's first sentence

  1. i would overjoyed if my child proclaimed that first! Not as you are, obviously embarrased and ashamed of the Savior. I will be praying for your family.

  2. PFFFFHT! I just shot green tea through my nose, when I am supposed to be working. That is FUNNY!

    I think you’d better watch what kinds of things Patsy is teaching that child! 🙂

  3. Davis, that whole post was a JOKE. My daughter can’t really talk yet, she was just babbling, and what she said sort of sounded like “I be saved,” and I thought it was funny. That’s it. You really should lighten up. But you know, if you want to assume that you know all about my relationship with God and pray for my family? You go right ahead.

  4. Mmmm, where exactly did Cindy suggest she was ashamed of Christianity… I must have missed that?

    I would dare suggest our concern lie not with the Faith; but more so with the busy-bodies who run around looking for ways to be condescending to others who don’t share their particular doctrine or spiritual flavor-‘o’-the-month.

    Don’t get me started. Seriously.

  5. Bwahhahah! That’s a great post. I do hope her first sentence is something riotous like, “call u back, bye bye!” to go with all of her recent phone time. 🙂

    I am praying for your family too, Cindy and Dave. That is, praying for your house to sell soon!

  6. Go Dave! Go Dave!
    I felt I needed to post, just to make up the dave orientated numbers…

  7. Cindy, why are we troll magnets lately?

    Tell Cate it’s perfectly acceptable to be saved — from monsters, snakes and those coyotes in your backyard. She doesn’t even need a prince to do it. 🙂

  8. HA, I thought that davis’ post about praying for you was a joke.

    I guess he’d better pray for me, too. I only got born once. But I got me some of that oily Catholic Grace so it’s OK.

  9. Yes, but considering the price of oil now as compared to when you were oiled up by that priest; Ebaby’s Grace is worth more than yours.

  10. I do not assume to know about yours and God’s relationship, definitely not. It was just the “worried” part, and then the usual President bashing. A lot of people associate him with the religious right.

    I pray for all my friends and family, and often for people I don’t know. But if you prefer I didn’t, I will try not to.

  11. Davis, just because someone is not a part of the religious right doesn’t mean they don’t have a solid — and personal — relationship with God.
    Just saying.
    (am liberal, not a fan of the president, and Catholic)

  12. Dude, why even justify your relationship with God to someone who can’t understand the fundamentals of punctuation and capitalization, much less the complexities of the Divine Spark?

    I asked God and she told me: “Jesus saves; everyone else pays full price.” Which I think was a good omen about you selling the house.

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