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We have a contractor working in our kitchen as I type this. Yes, he works on Sunday – this is his side gig, not his main day job. But the tile backsplash in our kitchen (which I’ve always hated) is gone, and it’s now been re-sheetrock’ed, or re-drywall’ed, or whatever that stuff is that, um, you know… makes walls exist.

Point is, it’s lovely. And as soon as he’s finished with the walls, we can get our new kitchen counters installed. (The counters have a built-in backsplash, hence the need to take down the old tile stuff before the new ones could go in.) I suppose there wasn’t really anything wrong with the tile that we had before – my brother-in-law did it, and it looked quite nice – I just didn’t like the color scheme. It had maroon and hunter green tiles, and it reminded me of my dorm freshman year of college when my roommate and I intentionally decorated our room with those exact colors. Very early 90’s.

So after all of this is done, we just have a couple of projects left, and our house is going to be ready to go on the market. I can’t believe it. I have a feeling that it’s going to be April, though, because one of the projects is to get new kitchen cabinet doors, and apparently those take 3-4 weeks to arrive. (Btw, the reason we need new cabinet doors is because I painted our old ones and they look like crap. I’m not good at painting walls, I don’t know why on earth I ever thought I could paint an uneven surface. Lesson learned, I’ll never try that again.)

I’m doing pretty well at sticking to my goal of packing two boxes a day, so I won’t get too overwhelmed when it comes time to actually move. It serves a dual purpose, since it’s also helping to de-clutter the house so it’ll look nicer when we’re trying sell it. Yesterday, Kris came over to raid my CD collection so she could load a whole bunch of my stuff onto her iPod. I’m going to see her next week at our book club, so she can give them back to me, and I can box them up and be done with them.

It’s weird, I’m not that nervous about getting the house ready to sell, or the actual moving process. I mean, sure, that’s on the radar, but my primary source of stress is how long it’s going to take us to find someone to buy this place. We could be out of here in May, or it could be sometime in 2009, and we have no way of predicting when it will happen. My obsessive need to plan isn’t coping too well with that one. So I’m just telling everyone I know to pray (or hope, wish, meditate, send happy thoughts, whatever) that we get a buyer sooner rather than later. If any of y’all want to help me out with that, it’d be much appreciated.

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  1. This week I’m in the city of Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. I will light a votive for the recovery of a lost house-buyer to be sent to you. I’ll light another votive for Lizard for the same thing. Of course, I lit dozens of votives in Europe when I was trying to sell my house and it still took us 10 months, so maybe you should have a backup plan with someone more spiritually connected than I am.

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