sour grapes, anyone?

Cate said “dada” for the first time yesterday. And she hasn’t stopped saying it all day today. I suppose it doesn’t really count because she hasn’t said it with intent, she’s just babbling and most of time it’s more like “dadadadadada.” She isn’t addressing Dave directly or anything.

She also said “die-die-die-die” a few times, and I told Dave that’s his fault for letting her hang out in the room when he’s watching horror movies. (Totally kidding. Again, she doesn’t know what it means, she’s just making sounds.)

I know lots of babies say dada first because the D sound is easier to pronounce. And particularly in Cate’s case, since she always has her tongue stuck out, she hasn’t figured out the M sound yet. She’s good at all of her vowel sounds, but only a few consonants so far – B, G, H, N, Y and now D. Earlier tonight I thought I heard a T as well, but I’m not sure. Still, kid needs to work on that M sound. Mama needs some reward for all this work I’m putting in. Hmph.

One thought on “sour grapes, anyone?

  1. Maybe she’s been trying to say MAMA and all that comes out is NANA. She REALLY meant to say MAMA, I’m sure. đŸ™‚

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