if you need me, I'll be watching the Style network

Hey look, another video!


This one shows Cate’s backwards-crawling technique. And you get to hear her little rattle that makes noise every time you touch it, which I haaaate. Sometimes it’ll start up when no one is touching it at all, which makes me think it needs an exorcism. Creepy.

I mostly film these for the grandparents, but if any of you are interested, you can go here and see two more videos that I made the same day.

This is totally random and has nothing to do with anything, but have any of you ever seen the show “Clean House” on the Style Network? It’s been on for a few years, but I’ve only recently discovered it, and I’m hooked. I think part of it is Niecy Nash (from Reno 911), who I think is hilarious. But I also have this obsession with seeing the insides of people’s houses – that’s why I always look at real estate websites, regardless of whether or not I’m actually thinking about moving. In the case of the websites, I get ideas for decorating my house. With “Clean House,” though, it makes me feel better about how messy my own house is. And it’s fun to feel superior to people who are obviously insane for the amount of crap that they collect. (Who needs 150 sets of salt & pepper shakers? WHO?!?!!)

That show has also gotten me thinking about all of the excess clutter in our house, and I’m suddenly feeling very motivated to have a yard sale and get rid of a lot of our junk. I hope to be able to do that as soon as we get our driveway fixed later this month. Even though we aren’t 100% sure where we’re moving next year, we know we’re definitely selling this house, so it needs to be… well, a lot emptier than it is now. My understanding is that the emptier it is, the bigger it will look, and the easier it’ll be to sell. I hope. Because man, y’all have no idea how ready I am to be out of the boonies.

5 thoughts on “if you need me, I'll be watching the Style network

  1. Mom and I are laughing our heads off over the video. She’s SOOOO CUUUUTE and so funny! She really knows how to make that toy go to work.

    I like the BBC version of clean sweep that has the 2 old ladies that go around and alarm the homeowners about the sources of disease and social disaster lurking in their homes. It’s a riot. And it makes my house look like a microfab cleanroom facility.

  2. Oh, I know! It’s “How Clean is Your House?”, right? I love those ladies because they say the meanest stuff, but follow it up by addressing the people as “dear” or “love” and it just makes it all sound nicer. I also love the maribou trim on their latex gloves.

  3. Great video! Cate is growing up so fast! It’s hard to believe how little she was when we met. How is the teething going? My Miss C’s bottom two teeth are poking through. Talk about drool!

  4. That’s amazing! No teeth on our end yet. They’ve been just under the surface for the past couple of months. According to my mom, we (meaning my brother, sister & myself) all got our teeth late, so I guess she probably got that from me.

  5. Dude, I love Clean House! Larry hates it when I watch it because I want to throw everything I own away. My other favorite is Sell This House, where they throw stuff away AND semi-redecorate. The bonus is that it’s only a 30-minute show.

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