more and more baby stuff

In honor of Cate’s 7-month birthday, she got her very first haircut. Which was actually more of a single snip – she had this one long piece of her bangs that kept falling into her eyes, so I trimmed it.

I was trying to even it up with all of her new hair that’s growing in, but I may have made it a little too short. Dave says she looks sort of like one of those kids in “Village of the Damned.” I think she looks cute. If she starts singing creepy children’s songs or jumping rope in slow-motion, I’ll worry. Until then, I think we’re ok.

Also, since the Stroller of DOOM! has been officially retired, my folks bought us a new one. It is so awesome, and was such a relief for my back since I finally had a break from toting her around on me for our daily walk.

I know you can’t tell that she was having fun, but she was. While we were out, we met one of our neighbors who was out for a walk with her 9 month-old, and who was very nice, but she (the neighbor, not the baby) had dreadlocks and was wearing army pants, so I think she might be too cool for me to hang out with. I’d feel like a big corporate nerd around her. I mean, come on, I don’t even buy the chlorine-free diapers at Whole Foods.

Oh, and thanks to Danielle for the tip on how to flip a video. I’ve re-posted my sister’s home movie.

Man, I need to get some videos of this child doing something other than bouncing in her jumperoo. It’s just that I can’t hold her and videotape her at the same time, and the jumperoo seems to be the only place I can set her down and she doesn’t scream. I will figure out another movie idea soon, though. Promise.

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  1. My sisters used to cry if they weren’t in motion, so my mom has a funny home movie of my sister in her carrier, rocking away. The funny thing is that you can see my mom’s foot the entire time, since she’s filming in a sitting position. Just an idea as something to pull out and show to Cate’s dates when she’s older… 😉

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