thanks, Mimi

My mom sews for a living. She has her own little alterations business that she runs out of my parents’ house. (If you live in central Mississippi and need an article of clothing fixed, email me and I’ll get you her info. She rocks.) Growing up, she made a lot of our clothes. She doesn’t do custom sewing anymore, because she has scoliosis and it hurts her back to lean over the table to cut out a pattern. However, baby clothes appear to be the exception, because she was absolutely delighted when I asked her to make some baby clothes for Cate.

Which Cate can’t wear, because my mom is apparently under the mistaken impression that her four month-old grandbaby is actually a toddler.

Holy mother of God, those are some big pajamas! Don’t get me wrong, I think they’ll be adorable when she’s older. But I also think they’re going in a drawer for the next several months.

Dave says she looks like a faun in this picture, and he’s been calling her Mister Tumnus ever since. Scary but true.

More on the interview stuff later.