blogging for A.D.D.

I’ve been so incredibly lazy about blogging lately, mainly because it’s getting increasingly difficult to sit still and string any kind of coherent thought process together. My attention span is virtually non-existent these days. Dave and I have tried to watch a couple of movies together in the past week or so, and I find myself getting fidgety and bored long before the two-hour mark rolls around.

(Which, seriously? The Da Vinci Code? Was ok, but waaaaay longer than necessary. Of course, I think I’m the last person in the English-speaking world who hasn’t read the book yet, which is probably the only reason I found the movie somewhat interesting to begin with.)

So, here are some random odds and ends, which should probably each be their own blog posts, but I can’t make my brain develop them any further than this:

* My last day at work was Wednesday. It was weird, because I didn’t hate my job at all, so I wasn’t excited about leaving like I thought I might be. Most of the times that I’ve quit jobs in the past, I’ve left feeling very “woo-hoo, I’m outta here!” And I was always moving on to something better. It’s strange this time, to leave a job and not know when I’ll be looking for another one. I know that Dave and I decided a long time ago to just roll with it and see how things go after the baby arrives, but I’m usually a bit of a planner, so this is all feeling quite foreign to me.

* The problems that I’ve been having with my stomach haven’t let up yet. (It’s been over two weeks now, lucky me.) I saw my primary care doctor on Thursday, and hopefully I’ll hear the results from those tests tomorrow. She said her initial guess is that I either have some kind of bacterial infection or a parasite. Charming.

* Yesterday a group of women that I’m friends with got together and had a little Holiday Baking Day. Basically, everyone made two or three things, and then we all traded off, so everyone got lots of Christmas goodies to take home. Most of the things that I got (peppermint bark?) are the types of treats that I would never think of trying to make myself, so it was pretty cool. It was also nice to get to a chance to hang out with the girls, since there were a few people there who I only see every once in a great while.

Oh, and if any of you want my great-grandmother’s recipe for praline cookies, let me know, because they’re really easy and quite yummy. (Aside to Alphagal: according to my mom, it was Ma Mere’s recipe. I’m guessing Nahnee must’ve made them too, though, because I had the weirdest childhood nostalgia flashback moment when I first tried them.)

* This same group of women has also organized a book club, which I’m trying to participate in. Our first meeting is next Saturday, so between now and then, I’m supposed to read “The Alchemist.” Which is another book that it seems like everyone in the world has read except me. I found Dave’s copy, but with my non-existent attention span, so far I’ve only made it as far as the preface. Luckily it’s a short book, so hopefully I can hammer through the next 175 pages sometime in the next week. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with the book club after the baby arrives, but I like the idea of it, so I’m going to give it a try. 

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  1. I’d like the recipe. I have a praline recipe from Richard and Rima Collins’ New Orleans Cookbook (which I can’t live without). I bet MaMere’s are better.

    I hope you get the stomach business sorted out really soon. I mean, you probably feel crappy enough as it is without something non-pregnancy to make it worse!

  2. Oh, and I haven’t read the Alchemist either. But I did read The Da Vinci Code, and it was just a little bit to long as well. I thought the number riddles were lame and obvious. Still, the story was fun. Nothing like self-flagellating monks to brighten your day.

  3. I was doing some Christmas portraits for a couple that Joel and I are friendly with. They have a 2-year-old who is pretty cute. At one point, I was sort of arranging things- draping a red chenielle throw over a baby gate, moving the rocking horse in front of it, and I asked Rob (the husband/dad) to get a holiday blanket I had seen in the other room. It had ice-skating bears on it.

    Bear in mind that this man was dressed as Charles Manson (the murderer) the first time I met him. It was a Halloween party, but still… He loves fatherhood, and it’s really changed him. In a good way, I might add, but I’m just trying to paint a picture for you. I digress…

    As he came back in the room with the holiday blanket I had requested, he said, “You know, the fact that I OWN a blanket with ice-skating bears on it really says something about my life now.”

    I don’t mean this at all in a bad way, (says the well-meaning blogger to her very pregnant friend), but this entry- holiday cookie exchanges and book clubs- struck me the same way. The times, they are a-changin.’

    P.S. If you have a parasite, can we name it?

  4. Heh. True, things are changing, although most of it is part of my “dear god, I’m going to go crazy if I’m stuck at home with a baby all the time, so I need to make sure I still have some sort of social life with other adults” panic.

    And actually, I was invited to join the book club over a year ago, I just never bothered with it until now.

    P.S. If it *is* a parasite, I’m naming it Sucky McSucksalot.

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