I really have almost nothing to write about this week. I worry that my blog content is getting too baby-focused lately, and I don’t want to bore you guys with stupid little details, like:

* I don’t have gestational diabetes. Which, I suppose, means that I drank that nasty orange syrup for nothing. Hmph.

* I had my first experience with baby hiccups (little spasms every few seconds), and I thought they were cool, although I imagine that the novelty will wear off quickly when they start happening at 3 a.m.

Aaaand, that’s about it. See? Boring.

Random funny: A friend sent me this link about bad baby names today, which I’ve seen before – heck, I’ve probably linked to it here before. But the site has been updated since the last time I saw it, so I was crying from laughing again. This person takes legitimate baby names, either ones that she digs up on baby-naming bulletin board sites, or names that people send her, and then she makes her own snarky comments under them. Example:

I once met a lady named Rodana. I think she runs a successful internet business.

In her spare time she destroys Tokyo.

You get the idea. I’m pretty sure that none of our top 10 names are on that site, which is a relief. (We aren’t 100% settled on a name yet, but most of our top choices are a bit on the traditional side. I don’t think we’ll be having a little McKynzy or Kayleigh on our hands anytime soon.) But man, reading through that site, you just have to wonder about some of these people. The parents, I mean, not the kids. You just feel sorry for the kids.

Other stuff: There are a few things happening at work that I could talk about (office moves, new bosses, etc.), but I’ve sort of hit the point where I realize that I’m only going to be there for another five weeks, so… meh. There isn’t much about my job that really phases me at this point. It’s fine, no big complaints, blah blah yawn.

The one weird thing about work is that I’m pretty sure this is the first time in my adult life that I know exactly when my job is ending (very soon), and I’m not frantically scrambling around, updating my resume and searching for a new job before the current one ends. That’s kind of a weird feeling.

And who knows, next summer I might be scrambling to get the resume up and out again. I have no idea how that’ll play out, and I’m still determined to not make any decisions about it now. Dave and I will figure it all out when the time comes. (I hope.)

3 thoughts on “ho-higgity-hum

  1. I hated the orange syrupy stuff. It made me sick to my stomach for the rest of the day, actually — more from the fasting before hand than anything else.
    Glad to hear, though, that the first test came back negative and you don’t have to take the 3-hour test, which involves even more nasty orange syrupy stuff and more blood draws. I hear that one is even more unpleasant.
    Gaby used to get the hiccups at the same time every single night. I always loved them, but she wasn’t getting them at 3 a.m. When she was born, she got the hiccups at the same time every day for at least six weeks.

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