maybe you had to be there

The scene: Dave and I were lying in bed late on Saturday morning. (We’re taking full advantage of our last few lazy weekends while we can.) Dave started playing with my hair, but not really doing anything, just sort of “arranging” it on the pillow around my face. I was still making a half-effort at sleeping, so I found this totally annoying.

Me: What on earth are you doing?

Dave: I’m fixing your hair. See? Now, you look just like Snow White.

Me: Oh yeah? Where are my dwarves?

Dave: [Gestures at Teenie, who’s perched on the body pillow next to me] Well, you’ve got Grumpy right over there.

Me: [Point at Beaumont, who’s sleeping on Dave’s feet] Yeah, and I guess there’s Dopey too.

Then, I tried to say that our cat Cleo could be both Sleepy and Sneezy, since she is both. (She’s got asthma, so she wheezes a lot, and she has an enlarged heart, which makes her pretty lethargic most of the time.) However, somehow my brain-to-mouth connection malfunctioned.

Me: And I guess Cleo could be Sleazy…

Dave: [laughing his head off] Sleazy??

Me: I meant Sleepy and Sneezy! It just came out wrong!

We laughed about that for a minute or so, then quieted down.

Me:Yes, Sleazy, the lesser-known eighth dwarf…

Dave: You didn’t see him around much because he was always trolling the woods in his little pimp outfit.

Me: Sort of gives a whole new meaning to that “hi-ho” song, doesn’t it?

Dave: “Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work you go…”

I laughed so hard that I started choking. Poor ol’ Walt, probably rolling over in his grave, and it’s all our fault.

2 thoughts on “maybe you had to be there

  1. That. Is. Fabulous. So funny, in fact, that I am now getting up to clean the coffee off my workstation and out of my nose.

  2. Heehee! All those little woodland creatures in the state parks are being pimped by Sleazy and have to pose for tourist pictures.

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