more cute cat photos!

I had to take this picture last night because it absolutely cracked me up.
Dave taking a catnap. Hee! Get it?
That’s three cats on one husband. The poor guy just wanted to lie down and take a quick nap on the couch, and they all immediately cozied up on him. I love how Cleo always has to be right up close to his face. She’ll do that to me occasionally, but she absolutely adores Dave and I know good and well that when she snuggles up on me, I’m only a poor substitute for the one she really wants. Not that I blame her, he is a damn good cuddler.

Also, Beaumont has a new hobby. He likes to attack the characters on the screen while Dave is playing video games. None of the cats have ever paid attention to the TV screen or computer monitors before, but this has suddenly become his favorite thing to do.
Beaumont playing video games, sorta
Go figure. And for the record, the reason why he looks sort of sparkly in that photo was because he had just come in out of the rain. And unlike me, Dave doesn’t get a towel to dry the cats off when they come inside soaking wet.

3 thoughts on “more cute cat photos!

  1. Yes, that’s Greta. She HAS come a long way – she’ll even sit on my lap sometimes when I’m on the couch. But notice she isn’t actually on him, she’s just on the couch next to his legs. And right after I took this photo, Dave moved just the tiniest bit and she took off like a bolt of lightning.

    But hey, progress is progress. I can actually walk over to her to pet her now, so that’s amazing.

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