more boring work stuff

So I’ll bet you thought I’d have an update on that job I interviewed for last week, right? Well, guess again! I have no news at all, which I’m pretty much assuming means that I don’t have it. First, some background: the Giant Software Company has this rule that contractors can only work there for a year before they’re required to take 100 days off. It’s some loophole so they can’t keep temps forever, and if you really want to understand it, this article explains it better than I can. Ok, here’s the problem: I’ve already been gone 40 days, but that basically means nothing. I still can only work there for another 5 1/2 months (mid-March is my one year anniversary), and then I’m required to take 100 days off. I can’t break it up – 50 days now and 50 days next spring, something like that – it has to be 100 consecutive days in which I don’t work at the Giant Software Company. Which sucks, but that’s what happens when some idiot temps decide to get all uppity and demand benefits, and all they succeed in doing is royally screwing things up for everyone else.

Ok, back to that job that I interviewed for? Apparently the one big strike against me is that I could only work there for 5 1/2 months, rather than a full year. I’m guessing that’s probably the reason why I won’t get the job. Again, I don’t know if I have it or not, I’m just operating under the assumption that I don’t. And like I said before, I really don’t care. Meanwhile, Dave and I have talked it over and I think that since I’m already almost at the halfway point, I’m just going to make this period right now my 100 days off, and then starting in late November or early December, I can take on another contract for a full year. The challenge, of course, is going to be trying to keep my sanity intact for the next 2 months. But since I’ve taken on that new certification, studying should take up a nice big chunk of the next several weeks. So that’s good.

And in less boring, much happier news, I direct you to other people’s blogs – none of whom I have met in real life, but who I am inexplicably joyous for, regardless: Liz got married! Amalah had a baby boy! SJ found out recently that she’s having a boy! Sally got a great haircut, and she has an adorable new kitten! Ok, I think I’m starting to push it, so that’s probably enough. Hope everyone is having a happy Monday.