In honor of my new co-author, I’ve started playing around with my theme to make it less girly, and a bit more Northwest-y. I’ve scrapped the daisies (although I really love that photo, so I may end up reusing them, I’m not sure), and instead I’ve put in the picture of the mountain that Angie liked – and god help me, I wish I knew what mountain that was. All I know is that it’s visible from the ferry dock in Anacortes. So, maybe Whistler? Mt. Baker? Do any of you locals recognize it? Help me out here. I’ve also changed my tagline, sort of the way Cat suggested, but with minor edits.

So, what’s the opinion on the new look? Do we like the mountain, or should we bring back the flowers?

9 thoughts on “boom!

  1. Is it me, or does anyone else just see a light lilac background with no mountains?

  2. Hey Angie (or any other people who were having problems seeing the banner image),
    I updated the photo a bit. Can you see it now?

  3. Which mountain? Find a USGS map. Locate the ferry station. Follow a line in the direction you were probably looking. Find the biggest honk'n mountain on that line.

    That picture makes me want to pack up all my stuff and move. Please blog about the winter weather so that I won't do anything that crazy.

  4. Winter weather: lots of rain. Sun doesn't come up until something like 8 a.m., and it's dark by 4:30 p.m. The short days kind of suck. The upside is that when it's raining in Seattle, it's snowing in the mountains. Which are an hour's drive away. So for people who ski, snowboard, etc., it's perfect.

    Sorry if that doesn't help. Most people who tell you how awful the weather is here are lying. They're just trying to keep the entire world from wanting to move here. And for the record, I think our current population could totally handle two more, so I'm all in favor of you & Miss Alphagal packing up and moving here. 🙂

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