more pics & other stuff

I just got my cousin Alphagal’s pictures from the rehearsal dinner uploaded. I have a lot of wedding photos from her too (as well as my sister), but I need to sort through them all so I can make a little online wedding photo album. It’s coming soon, I promise.

In other news, we got a new car this weekend! We had to get rid of Dave’s insanely expensive car that we couldn’t afford, so we got the new Subaru Tribeca instead, which is very cool. I’ll spare you the nerdy details (you can read them on Subaru’s website, if you like), but it has lots of neat little gadgets which immediately made Dave fall in love with it. It’s very spaceship-y – he can practice his best Captain Kirk impression while he’s driving it. (“Khaaaaaaannn!!!!”) So that’s happy. Of course, test-driving cars all weekend prevented us from making it to a theater to see the new Star Wars movie, but hopefully we’ll be able to do that sometime this week.

In blog-related news, I’ve tweaked my sidebar a bit, rearranged some stuff, added a link to Dooce (who, incidentally, I found by random blog-hopping and it turns out that she went to high school with best friend Kris and guy friend Chris G – and she’s a very funny, clever writer, which is why I’m linking to her), and I’ve added a little mood-of-the-day icon, courtesy of unkymoods. I think it’s cute. Hope y’all like. Happy Monday!