This scares me

My website hosts allow me to see what search terms are leading people to my blog. Here are few in my top 25 that I find truly, deeply disturbing:

* Teenie porn pics – WTF?? Teenie is my cat, people. As in feline, not as in p… oh, nevermind. Pervs!! And this is not something that’s only come up once, it’s come up about 10 times. Ick!!
* Bootylicious – Gee, I can’t imagine what they were looking for there.
* Dilated pupils – ???
* Sexy Christmas outfit – again, ???
* Cindy in panties – This made me laugh out loud, as that is something that you will never, EVER see on my blog.
* My sister’s bra – Again, something that’s never gonna be featured on
* Panty smells pics – I have no idea what this means, as smell is not something that can be visually captured. Regardless, all I can say to the person who searched for this is: you sick bastard.

In other news, I finally fixed my sidebar, which I’ve been needing to do for… oh, forever. And I’ve added a link to the Sarcastic Journalist, because her blog makes me laugh.

3 thoughts on “This scares me

  1. Bootylicious. Your blog is bootylicious-searchable. That’s so cool.

    With this comment I just added 2 to your bootylicious-count. Make that 3.

  2. T, I’m thinking that the 3 words (my, sister’s & bra) are all on my blog somewhere – but not necessarily in that sequence.

    In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve never written anything about any of your bras. If that reassures you at all.

  3. hmm. . . may i ask why "my sister's bra" would lead someone to your blog? — your sister

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