In the name of all things holy

How, oh how, did Wendy make it to the final 3 on Project Runway? Someone please explain it to me, because I am distraught that Austin got cut. I know some people didn’t like him (I know some people even considered him dead to them), but even his strongest detractors must concede that just his blonde foppish bangs alone had more talent than Wendy has in her entire skunk-striped soul. Blah. Everyone knows she’s only there because the producers have a say in who gets cut. I hope she gets destroyed at fashion week.

Btw, if any of you read Manolo’s shoe blog, it has a great summary of this past episode of Project Runway. He’s also where I found these links to the final 3 designers’ web sites: Jay, Kara Saun, and even our nemesis, Wendy.

I also have to mention this great new blog that I found, the Bad Date Club. It’s basically 2 girls’ stories of their really horrible dating experiences as young, professional, single women living in a medium-sized midwestern town. I read the whole thing this afternoon, it’s hilarious. I cannot recommend it enough.

In other news: Dave is back home from Massachusetts, and he has some kind of weird cold/flu thing. So much for our big romantic Valentine’s weekend getaway to the mountains. Sigh. It’s ok, we’ve rescheduled for next weekend. In dog news, Rose has yet to reappear, so maybe her mom is being more attentive after getting a “hey, we have your dog” call from the neighbors. Oh, and I’ve had 2 job interviews this week, both of which were really promising (and both of which would include significant raises), so fingers crossed there. I guess that’s about it.

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  1. Cindy, take heart! Here's a link to the article we ran in the lifestyles section today. Week already happened. Because Project Runway's most recent episode (the one revealing who the "final three" were) hadn't aired yet, they showcased the work of the final four: Wendy, Kara Saun, Jay, and yes- Austin! in order to keep the suspense going for those of us merely watching at home. In fact, the lead of the story reads: "Austin Scarlett was the first to take the runway."So while Austin *won't* win the $100,000 or the Banana Republic mentorship, his collection was seen by the buyers, the critics, the beautiful, the bulimics, etc. So you know, at least there's that, right? (I think I'm pulling for Jay anyway, to be honest.)Plus, how much did you love the preview for next week's "Project Runway" reunion, where Austin sweeps in wearing a cape and a tri-cornered hat?LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

  2. I hate Wendy, but Angie is right: Austin still got to show his work at Fashion Week, which was what they all really wanted anyway. I know I said he was dead to me, but you are right: those bouncing locks will be sorely missed.Wendy: it was a moustache!

  3. Initially I gave the Wendy some slack in that there was a possibility that she wasn't familiar with working with digital photos and maybe wasn't aware that her moustachioed daughter could be digitally shorn with the click of a mouse.Yet, I couldn't help but notice in this week's episode there was a bit which showed her printing all of their favorite photos from her digital camera. So I'm quite sure she must know her way around Photoshop at least a little bit 😉

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