The Ex Files

Prepare yourselves, kids, for yet another weekend recap. (Does anyone even read these things?)

Friday was a rough day for me. Lots of money problems, combined with a dash of work complications, turned out to be the perfect recipe to make me cry. I had talked to Dave in the afternoon, so when he came over that evening, he brought me flowers to cheer me up. He’s so awesome. He also bought “Shrek 2” because it just came out on DVD. I have to say, Puss in Boots is probably the greatest cartoon character I’ve seen in a long time. Great movie.

Saturday, Dave went to work and I cleaned. That’s pretty much a standard response for me when my life feels out of control. The state of my apartment is one thing that I have control over, so I exercised that power. The place looked pretty darn good when I finished, too. Now if I can just maintain it until my family shows up in 2 1/2 weeks… Anyway, Saturday night, Dave came back over and we got Indian food (yum) and rented “Close Your Eyes“. I had heard this had gotten good reviews, and the main character is Goran Visnjic, the Croatian hottie from “ER”. It was a good movie, although a bit creepy for me. I ended up covering my face through at least a couple of scenes. (Anything that involves needles going into flesh, or pointy objects going into eyeballs requires me to look away from the screen. And this movie had both.)

Sunday, we went shopping at Best Buy and Target, which are always 2 of my favorite stores. Then we went to see “The Incredibles“. That was a fun movie, although I think all the little kids’ reactions was probably more entertaining than the movie itself. During the plot exposition, they get all fidgety and bored, but man oh man, do they hoot & holler when stuff blows up. Actually, I loved the Pixar short before the movie about the little dancing sheep. He was adorable.

Oh, there was also a brief-but-strange encounter with Dave’s ex-wife at the movie theater, but I’ll leave that story for him to tell on his blog, if he so chooses.

And today, it’s back to work. I have to head into the office in just a bit for a meeting. Fun stuff.