Amelie & Kris

Just got home from having dinner with Scott & Ted over at Scott’s place. Scott made baked chicken (yum), I made my fried zucchini with parmesan (yummy-yum), and Ted made creme brulee (the goddess of all yummy-yum-yums). And I finally saw Amelie for the first time. Very cute movie, but god, the French are a weird culture.

Talked to Kris this afternoon, which made me a little sad. We talk every weekend, and sometimes it doesn’t really hit me just how much I miss having her around. Today it did. She’s the only thing I miss about Memphis, I just wish she’d move here. She wants to, it’s just not really financially feasible at this point. But dang, sometimes I miss her so bad I could just cry. I’ve lived in lots of different places over the last 4 1/2 years, and I have yet to meet anyone who I can have that kind of conspiratorial fun with like I can with her. The vast majority of my friends in Washington at this point are guys — which is cool because they’re all really awesome guys, but there’s a certain comfort level that’s just never going to be there like it is with her. Oh well.

Weird changes happening at work. I’ll know more this week. Stay tuned.