Our Weekend

This weekend, Dave taught Catie how to develop game apps for the iPhone.

Catie's really into learning how to develop iPhone game apps

She’s totally into it, and taking it very seriously.

I love this because it looks like Catie has a freakishly large man-hand

She’ll probably design the greatest app since “Words With Friends.”

Oh, and I got an iPhone 4! Which shoots video! Related: we sang happy birthday to my sister, and filmed it since Tracy is currently celebrating her birthday with friends in Italy.


Of course, it didn’t really occur to me until later that my sister can only access her email on her Blackberry, which doesn’t have YouTube capabilities, so she won’t actually see it until she gets back to the US. Oh well. Happy birthday, Tracy!

We also watched a heck of a lot of Xanadu. (And I learned that if you turn the phone to a landscape setting, it automatically adjusts when you copy it over to your laptop. Nice job, Apple! I won’t make any more oddly narrow videos.)

(I’m still trying to get a video of her really singing it. So far, she kind of goes quiet as soon as she sees the camera. You can still see her lip-syncing it, but hopefully I’ll get a real video of it soon.)

(Also? This is how she always watches Xanadu – with lots and lots and lots of random questions about the plot.)

Sunday afternoon, we went to see the Wiggles in concert.

Catie & Dave at the Wiggles concert
At first, Catie wasn’t too sure what she thought about the whole concert thing. But she took the popcorn very seriously.

Honestly? That might’ve been one of the most fun kids’ concerts we’ve been to (and I’ve been to a lot of them). You can tell that these guys have been doing this stuff for 20 years, and they just have fun with it and throw in all kinds of improv lines here and there, which makes it really funny for the adults in the audience.

That said, I’m glad I didn’t take advantage of the chance I had to get closer seats, because Catie got a little claustrophobic from the crowd, so we spent a lot of the show toward the back where it was emptier. She usually reacts that way in crowds, same as Dave, so I wasn’t too surprised by it.

I did manage to get one decent picture of all three of us, although the weird iPhone flash thing makes it look like we’ve been dousing ourselves in self-tanner.

Catie, Dave & me at the Wiggles!

Also? Sweaty. It was HOT in there. I don’t know how those guys on stage do it.

Catie with the Wiggles

Overall, though? A pretty great time was had by all. But I can’t quite believe it’s Monday already.

Wordless Wednesday

Because really, when she sings this? It’s pretty much impossible to stay in a bad mood.

* I know most of y’all will probably not watch the video because it’s over 3 minutes long, but you should really listen to the last 10 seconds or so, just to hear the way she pronounces “Thumbkin.” Her “Th” sounds like an “F,” and she doesn’t enunciate the M. So it sounds… well, it sounds like something that should be bleeped, let’s put it that way.

we're gonna dooo the monkey

I apologize in advance if you can’t get this damn Wiggles song out of your head.

Note that she’s wearing Thomas the Tank Engine underpants (which are actually boys’ underpants, but they don’t make Thomas for girls, and really, who cares at this age? It’s not like 2 year-old boys use the flap in front either).

But, yes. Underpants. Not diapers, not Pull-Ups. The real deal. She is still wearing Pull-Ups sometimes; always at nap and bedtime, but if she wants to wear them other times, I don’t really care as long as she keeps it dry. The other day she wore the same Pull-Up for about 24 hours, because she kept it dry the whole time – even when she was asleep.

She’s not 100% there yet, as we have yet to see a single poop in the potty, but still. MAJOR progress. She’s even used the potty at our neighbor’s house and at Dave’s office. I’m sort of stunned at how much easier it was this time compared to three months ago. I guess giving her some time to get used to the idea was all she needed.

So, that jumping & arm-flailing dance of pure joy you see at the beginning of this video? That about sums up my reaction to this whole potty-training business. Jump to the front & back, indeed, Wiggles.