Call me the Haggler

Yesterday, I successfully negotiated the sale of my house.

The buyers made a low offer. I countered. They countered. I countered again. We went back and forth several times.

I actually haggled, y’all. And I don’t haggle on anything. I felt like such a bad-ass.

And you know what?


I was euphoric about this for several hours, because man, I am so excited about starting over in a new (smaller) space, just me and my girls, and building our own little life, just the three of us.

Then the euphoria wore off when I realized: holy crap I have no place to live. And I have to plan a move in less than a month.

So, yeah. Now I’m panicking.

But hey, as long as I’ve got these two with me?

Sunday sister snuggles.

We can go live in a van down by the river for all I care. We’re gonna be just fine.

some good news

I haven’t mentioned it here for fear of jinxing it, but my parents sold their house in Mississippi. It’s been on the market since the spring of 2010 (like, 6 months before I got pregnant with Lucy), so this has been a long time coming. If all goes according to plan, they’ll be closing on their house and moving to North Carolina on December 9th.

This means that before Christmas, both of my parents will be local. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about that.

And then, yesterday, I got an offer on our house. It’s kind of a low offer, so I countered back with what I thought was a reasonable amount, and I guess now I just have to wait and see if they’re willing to negotiate.

In their offer, they said they wanted to close on December 13th. So my parents and I would both be moving right around the same time. I may look for a rental house with a lease that starts on December 1st, just so I don’t have everything hit me in the same week.

So, cross your fingers. This could be really, really good for us.

Also, Catie has informed me that if we move before Christmas, I’ll have to write to Santa to make sure he knows where to bring her toys. I promised her that I’d take care of it.