past the halfway point

I’m on day 4 of the liquid diet. How’s it going, you might ask? Well, let’s see…

* Day 1 – Hey, this isn’t so bad!

* Day 2 – Holy crap, somebody is going to die before this week is over.

* Day 2.5, part 1 – I cracked. And let me tell you, that was the most delicious handful of baby carrots I have ever eaten in my entire life.

* Day 2.5, part 2 – I’ve decided that negative-calorie foods (meaning raw celery, plain lettuce, etc. – things that burn more calories in chewing/digesting them than they contain in them) just don’t count. Because OMG, I NEED TO CHEW SOMETHING.

* Day 3 – Major headache, I’m guessing from carb/sugar withdrawal. It sucks.

* Day 3.5 (last night) – The combination of sleep deprivation (thanks to Lucy’s current sinus infection), the aforementioned headache, and the lack of food turned me into a Rage Monster. And that was when I almost hit Lucy.

It was bedtime, and she was crying and kept climbing out of her bed instead of going to sleep, which is not all that abnormal really, but for some reason it just pushed me over the edge. I don’t remember the last time I was that angry. I wanted to hit her. I wanted to throw her down the stairs. I wanted her to just… disappear. For that one moment, I hated my baby.

Instead of doing any of the horrible things in my head, I closed her bedroom door and walked away, and I left her to scream for a while. I essentially put myself in a time-out. I felt sick and my hands were shaking. I texted Greis (who is doing this liquid diet in solidarity with me this week because she is the most awesome friend ever), and I took some deep breaths and tried to calm myself down. Then I went back and got Lucy and gave her a bottle, and she was asleep about two minutes later.

And even though I know that that wasn’t really me, that it was just a lot of external factors overwhelming me, I still haven’t quite forgiven myself for the things that went through my head last night.

* Day 4 – So far I’m ok. Got the kids off to school this morning, no meltdowns or anything. This morning, I weighed myself and I was at a number I haven’t weighed in well over a year. (Yes, I know it’s mostly water weight, but I’ll take it.)

It occurs to me that I’ve made it over halfway already, and I’m grateful for that. I’m not sure if I’ll make it all the way through Saturday, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

Next time the Rage Monster shows up, though, I may have to just bite the bullet and give her some damn carbs already. Because I really don’t want to feel like that ever again.

Truly Amazing Greis

I went to BlogHer last year for the first time. I felt a little awkward going into it since I didn’t really know anyone beforehand, and you can never be sure how you’re going to click with people when you meet them in real life.

One of the people who mentioned wanting to meet me was Greis. We had talked on Twitter some, and she seemed cool, but she’s also into sports and she likes country music, so I really wasn’t sure if we’d have anything in common at all.

Then I met her. And it was like meeting someone I’d known my whole life. I’m pretty sure I hung out with Greis far more than anybody else that whole weekend. She’s even in my favorite picture of myself from that weekend (if not one of my favorite pictures of myself, ever). She looks pretty hot in it, too.

Greis & me
Don’t we look purdy?

She’s just… normal. No drama. Totally easy to talk to and be around. And also very smart and incredibly funny.

Everyone should have at least one Greis in their life, is what I’m saying.

Tomorrow, Greis is doing something I did 8 years ago and having gastric bypass surgery. She and I have talked a lot about it over the past several months, and I could not be happier or more excited for her.

Rather than teach her parents how to use Twitter, she’s going to give them my number and have them text me after her surgery so I can update her friends for her. I’m honestly honored to have been chosen to do that for her. (I know, that sounds cheesy, shut up, I totally mean it.)

Of course, I’m totally bummed that because of the surgery timing and some other planned vacations, Greis won’t be able to come to BlogHer this year. I can’t really imagine what it’ll be like without her, since she’s so ingrained in my mental image of the conference. But there’s always next year.

Congrats, Greis, and good luck tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you on the other side. Love you tons, lady.