new camera! Squee!

I’ve been frustrated with our point-and-shoot camera for a while. It seems like I’d only get one good photo out of every 10 or so that I would take. Most of them were blurry, or washed-out, or the shutter speed was so slow that I’d totally miss whatever great face Catie was making at that exact moment. So I decided it was time to upgrade.

So, I just got my very first-ever DSLR camera. It’s a Canon Rebel XSi. I think I’m in love.

making out with my new camera
(I would’ve slipped it the tongue, but I’m afraid it doesn’t like to get wet.)

The camera arrived yesterday, and I swear it was like Christmas morning for me when the UPS guy rang my doorbell. I sat on the kitchen floor to open the box, I couldn’t wait. And since my muse was napping on the couch, I did what I had to do for my first picture.

first picture with my new camera

She didn’t even stir.

Later, when she woke up, we had more fun with the camera.

just woke up from her nap

Then we went outside to take pictures of the flowers in the yard. It’s an odd season here, some flowers are still blooming, and some plants are definitely making their autumn transition.

flowers in the backyard
My mom says these flowers are annuals. Too bad, because they’re pretty, but I have no intention of re-planting anything next spring. It’ll have to be replaced with something that has a bit more longevity.

fall colors
No idea what kind of shrub this is, but I love the color gradation on the leaves.

maple tree in fall
Sigh. Maple tree. My favorite.

Then it was back to taking pictures of my kid. As usual.

happy running girl

mmm, PB&J, nom nom!

check out the pink boots

So yeah, I love it. I can’t wait to learn more about how to tweak the different settings and make my pictures fabulous. CANNOT. WAIT.

Also, I have to give a big thank you to Rick at Tiny Prints for selling his camera to me. And another thank you to Casey, without whom I wouldn’t have known that Rick was selling his camera in the first place!