how we do Easter

Easter weekend was supposed to be Dave’s weekend on the calendar, but since it isn’t a huge holiday for him, and because of other logistical issues (his girlfriend and her kids were in town visiting for a few days, and he had to take them to the airport early Sunday morning), I got the kids back on Saturday night, and was able to spend most of Easter Sunday with them.

Catie still believes in the Easter bunny (I know, my days are numbered on that one, but I’ll drag that out as long as I can), so she was excited, but Lucy was kind of confused by the whole, “Da bunny comes in our house? And then he comes into my bedroom?” thing. No, baby, the Easter bunny doesn’t go in your room. He just puts stuff in your Easter basket and leaves.

Still, Easter morning rolled around and I got this picture, which basically sums it up. Catie is ecstatic, Lucy has what is quite possibly the best “WTF?” face I’ve ever seen.

Lucy got into it eventually. She loved that the Easter bunny brought her a “Frozen” book.

“I like her!” (points at Anna)

And she really liked the bird from Rio.

Catie was pretty happy with her prizes too. The Skylander was the main highlight, but the Easter bunny is wise and knew to get two identical Blu plushes so there wouldn’t be any fighting over it. (Plus they were only $5 at Kohl’s.)

Later, we got dressed and went to church with my parents. Catie wanted to stay in “big church” with us, which was fine. Lucy said she wanted to go to the nursery to play with the other kids, but once she got there, she balked. She cried and said, “I stay with youuuu!”

I told her that if she came to church with us, she’d have to be very quiet and still, and not make any noise. She said, “I be quiet, I be good, I not get in any trouble!”

And really, she did great for 40 minutes of a 50 minute service. Then she started to get squirmy, and when I told her to stop, she started to cry, and I took her outside. We walked laps around the office hallways of the church while we waited for the service to finish.

After the service was over, I found my parents and Catie in the lobby, and this very nice lady took our picture.

Nice tongue, Lucy.

My dad is blinking, but at least Lucy’s tongue is inside her mouth, and oh hell with it, I give up.

We went back to my parents’ house, and Chris came over to join us for lunch. It was too muddy outside to do the kids’ Easter egg hunt there, so we sent them up to my parents’ bedroom to “hide their eyes” while we hid eggs around the house.

(I know some people hide eggs the night before and say that the Easter bunny hid them. We don’t do that. Don’t know why, this is just how we’ve always done it in my family.)

Chris wisely pointed out that we should have the girls start hunting on opposite ends of the house, to ensure that Lucy would have a chance to at least get a few eggs before Catie mowed her down. It worked, they both found eggs, and there was no fighting or crying.

Later that afternoon, I dropped the girls back with Dave (since it was his scheduled weekend), and Chris and I pretty much fell asleep on the couch watching Netflix.

Overall, it was a really nice Easter. Hope you all enjoyed yours too. (And even if Easter isn’t your thing, hope you had a lovely weekend.)

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