How many engineers does it take to hire a technical writer?

I mentioned a while back about how I was interviewing for a job I really want? Well, it’s been a slow process with this company. I applied for the job way back in early August, and I had my first interview with them before Labor Day. And tomorrow, I have my fourth – and hopefully final – interview.

Here’s the one sort of weird thing: this job is with Dave’s company. (If you know who he works for, good for you. I’m not outing his employer on my site.) So even though we’d be doing different things – he’s an engineer, I’m a technical writer – we’d be working in the same office building. Which could be really cool, or really weird. I’m not sure which, but I’m leaning toward cool. Especially since I already know from his experience that the people who work there are generally really awesome, and they’re flexible about letting you work from home when you need to (i.e., if you have a sick kid, etc.), so it would really be an ideal set-up for our family.

Of course, since Dave is an engineer and not in management, he has no say whatsoever as far as whether or not I get the job, which is why I’m now getting pretty nervous. (Where’s the nepotism when I need it?) All I know from him is that they’re interviewing at least 2 other people, so my odds are in the 33% range. I wish he had more “insider info” to give me. Instead, these are the kinds of exchanges we have:

Dave: So, they’re interviewing another docs guy.

Me: They’re interviewing someone named Doc Guy?

Dave: No. A docs guy. You know, someone who creates documents? As in, a writer? That thing you do for a living?

Me: Oh. Right. Well, it would be pretty awesome if there was a tech writer named Doc Guy.

**Both of us die laughing. Nerd humor FTW!**

The HR person who set up the interview told me to allow at least 6 hours for the interview because they want me to meet with several members of the team. I’m taking that as a positive sign. Also, I got the heads-up that at some point, Dave and his boss are going to take me to lunch, which’ll be nice.

So, yeah. Big interview tomorrow. I’m nervous. Cross your fingers, send good vibes, say prayers, light candles, what-have-you. I’d appreciate it. I really, really, really want this job.

6 thoughts on “How many engineers does it take to hire a technical writer?

  1. I speak from experience here, that it is kinda fun to work at the same company as your husband. My husband and I did it for years and usually enjoyed it. We would go to lunch together on days when he was in the office (he traveled a lot), we’d commute to work together, etc.

    Sometimes though, it can be too much “togetherness” if you know what I mean! It worked for us because he traveled and was gone a lot, so it wasn’t every day. Finding a balance is key, I suppose.

    It’s also kind of fun because it’s nice to have that work/company stuff in common with your husband. But, it can suck when you are in a fight with the husband and really pissed off at him. 🙂

    How funny, I was a technical writer too!

    Hope the 4th time’s a charm! Good luck!

  2. As someone who conducts many interviews, just try to relax and be yourself. Set a relaxed but professional vibe from the beginning and you’ll do just fine.

    Good luck!
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