biking with my baby

I don’t have much to report, but since it’s NaBloPoMo, and my sister requested pictures of Cate in the bike trailer because she had no idea what a bike trailer was, here goes:

going out for a bike ride

Please ignore the mushroom head effect that my bike helmet gives me. And I don’t know what’s going on with my face, I seem to be baring my teeth more than smiling. Eh, they can’t all be great pictures, right?

going out for a bike ride

You can’t really tell because we weren’t moving yet, but she does like the bike a lot once we get going. Well, most of the time. Today she screamed the whole way home because she wasn’t ready to leave the playground when it was time for us to go – also probably because she didn’t get enough sleep last night and she was due for a nap. Her bike helmet is a little large on her (why on earth don’t they make helmets for kids younger than 3?), so at some point during her meltdown, she thrashed her head around and knocked her helmet forward so she essentially had blinders on. I had to stop to help her readjust; it was kind of hard not to laugh when she looked like a giant helmet with a nose and mouth underneath it.

When we got back from the playground, she took a nice long nap and has been sweet as pie ever since. We went to the grocery store, came home, played outside with the neighborhood kids, and made dinner. She even got in some cuddle time with her Daddy.

I put a spell on you, ka-zam!

It’s been a good day.

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  1. Sounds like you all had a very fun day! That’s so cool. Glad you were able to get the bike trailer! Wish there was somewhere around here that it would be safe to ride (or somewhere within 5 miles to ride to!). 🙂

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