19 months

Cate is 19 months old today. I feel like I need to write a milestone recap, but at the same time, I think I’ve been writing an awful lot about her lately and how she’s been coping (or not) with the move. So instead, just a few quick & random funnies:

* She’s starting to put words together to make complete thoughts, which is pretty awesome. Like, when Dave picked her up and she wasn’t in the mood to be picked up, she said, “No no no! Go down!” And yesterday, I was buckling her into her car seat so we could go to the grocery store, and it was drizzling. She said, “Mommy, wa-wa!” I’m not sure if she was saying, “hey mommy, look at the water [rain]!” Or she might’ve been pointing out that mommy was getting covered in water, which I was. Either way, she was accurate and it was pretty cool.

* I mentioned a while ago the story about how Cate said “doggy” over and over when getting out of the bathtub, and I thought it was just some sort of imaginary play? Well, she’s been doing it every night after her bath, and she usually points at some empty space on the bathroom wall when she’s saying “doggy.” I couldn’t figure it out – imagination? a spot on the wallpaper that looks like a dog? can she hear one of the neighbors’ dogs outside?

Last night it clicked. She’s pointing at the toilet paper and saying doggy, because she loves the puppy on the toilet paper packaging. Every time she follows me into our bathroom, she always goes straight for the cellophane package of T.P. and talks to the little doggy on it. I was pretty impressed by the fact that she figured out that the roll of toilet paper on the wall comes out of the package with the puppy on it. Smart girl.

I mean, I’m not thrilled that the folks over at Kimberly-Clark Corporation have figured out how to market their products to toddlers, but you know, whatever. At least she isn’t asking me for Bratz dolls yet. (And if she ever does: sorry kiddo, no way.)

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