sometimes she surprises me

Last week, Dave signed us up for a membership to our local YMCA. We both want to work out, plus they have a pool, and all kinds of classes (both for us and for Cate when she gets older). The gym also has a drop-in nursery, which is convenient so Dave and I can work out at the same time.

We decided to try it out last night, but based on how clingy and mommy-centric Cate’s been lately, I was fully expecting her to wig out the second we tried to leave her in the nursery. I told the ladies in charge of the nursery what part of the gym we’d be in, and we snuck out when Cate was distracted playing with some toy cars.

Dave walked on the treadmill while I did the elliptical cross-trainer, but the entire time I was working out, I kept looking around for gym employees (they wear red t-shirts, easy to spot). I was sure that they were going to come find us and tell us to collect our inconsolable, distraught toddler. They never did.

After our workout, we went back to the nursery, and although Cate was obviously really happy to see us, they said that she had been totally happy and fine the entire time. Not a single tear was shed when she realized we were gone. Huh. Whaddya know. I guess the combination of other kids plus unfamiliar toys plus pretty, young nursery attendants (have I mentioned that Cate has a fetish for teenage girls? It’s kind of hilarious) equaled one heck of a good time for her.

Oh, as for me, this was the first time I’d worked out in a gym since I was pregnant, and I am soooore today. Carrying Cate up and down the stairs is probably going to kill me before the day is over. But I’m proud of myself for doing as much as I did. Now let’s see if I keep it up.

2 thoughts on “sometimes she surprises me

  1. Maybe that’s what she needed to not be so clingy — her routine has been all torn to shreds with the move (which is understandable) and maybe this felt a little more like “normal” for her.
    Plus, it’s a break for you!

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