down to two cats and five days

If you tried to click over here this morning and got some funky “install WordPress” screen, I apologize. No idea what happened to my site, but it seems to mostly be fixed now, although there’s still some weird issues with my permalinks and archives, which I’ll be investigating as soon as I get a chance. (Ha! Moving in 5 days! Free time = FAIL.)

Last night, I took Greta over to her new home. She’s gone to live with a very nice family, and they have a farm with a horse and everything. It’s a pretty remote area, so she’ll be able to run around outside and hunt mice to her heart’s content and there won’t be any worries about her getting hit by a car. So that’s great. I hope she’ll be very happy there.

This morning I took Beaumont and Teenie – our two remaining cats! Just two! How totally reasonable and sane that seems! – to the vet to get their vaccines up to date and a copy of a health certificate that they’ll need so they can fly next week. They both did well and are totally healthy, although Beaumont now seems a bit spooked by the fact that both Cleo and Greta are gone. (Teenie couldn’t care less. She’s all, “Ha! Good riddance, bitches!”)

Funny coincidence about the vet appointment today: tomorrow is Cate’s 18-month well-baby checkup, so apparently I’ll get the honor of restraining small creatures while they get shots two days in a row. Lucky me.

Packing is still coming along, and we’ve rented a dumpster to get rid of the guest bed (the one that was drenched in cat pee) and a few other random things. Do we need five garden rakes, four of which are totally rusted from being left out in the rain? No. No, we do not. Thank you, dumpster rental company for taking all this crap away so I don’t have to think about it. (As for the landfills where this stuff is going to end up: um, sorry? Oops.)

Not much else going on, we’re just getting into that frantic “I don’t care what it is, throw it in a box!” phase. Watch, we’re going to get to North Carolina and have like 20 boxes labeled Miscellaneous. It’ll be like Christmas opening everything up. “Ooh, I wonder what’s in this one!” Good times.

Oh hey, want to see a cute toddler after she’s been playing in the sprinkler? Sure you do!

just after playing in the sprinkler

You’re welcome.