15 days and counting

Hey, did you know that the movers will be here two weeks from tomorrow? TWO WEEKS!!!!

While I go huddle in the corner, chewing my nails and having an anxiety attack about all the packing that I should be doing, here’s a cute video from when we took Cate to the park yesterday:


At the beginning, she signs “ball” and says “buh-buh-ball” about the kid and his dad who were playing basketball off to the side. (She ran over there about a half dozen times to say “HI!!” I think she really wanted to play with them.)

Toward the end of the video, she says “a buh-birdie.” I’m not sure why she repeats the B-sounds at the beginnings of certain words – she does the same thing with book and baby. We’re trying really hard to repeat the word back correctly to her, so she doesn’t develop a stutter. But it is awfully cute when she says it her way.

4 thoughts on “15 days and counting

  1. There just is nothing cuter than the way a little kid walks. I love the look on her face when she’s looking/listening to the car. It’s like you can see her learning and figuring things out.

  2. So cute….

    A few things:

    1) I’ve been reading your blog a couple months and must say you strike me as a good Mom.

    2) Moving is awful. God bless you.

    3) The fact that your kid says a lot of “b”s may be a good thing. I really think sometimes babies/lil kids are tuned into something bigger and we beat it out of them.

    Or not. But I will definetely observe Maddie to distraction.

  3. Hey! Come out of that corner and start packing! 🙂
    The video is SO cute. She’s just perpetual motion! The b-b-ball thing, I think, is totally normal, like she’s playing with a sound she likes. E-baby has been in this phase lately of repeating the final consonant sounds of all her words. Like “Dog-G,” “Yes-SSS,” “Cat-T,” “Chase-SSS”, “Sheep-P” and so on. It’s just fun to make those sounds. I also think the babies are trying to make sure they have the sounds just right.

    I also like Mike’s theory that she’s tuned into something bigger. Like the Platonic ideal of the pronunciation of the word Ball is Ba-Ball. Groovy.

  4. Aww, thanks Mike. I like your blog too (and Heather’s!). I think Maddie is one super-lucky baby to have you guys.

    Cat: I think you’re right about her playing with sounds she likes. And right now, the letter B is where it’s at for her. And that’s totally fine.

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