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With all the baby stuff I’ve been writing about, I think I forgot to mention that we’re having an open house on Sunday. So if you’re in the area and want to come by to check out all the stuff we’ve done to our house, feel free to drop by. We won’t be here, but you can meet Renee, our very nice realtor. And there will be cookies.

(I’m really half-kidding because I don’t expect anyone who reads this to want to go, but in the off chance that you do want to stop by but don’t know our address, email me and I’ll get you the directions.)

I’m not that worried about the open house because I think very few people ever show up for them. My parents had three when they were trying to sell their house, and the only people who came were the neighbors. So, meh, whatever. I am, however, a little nervous about the “Broker’s Open” on Tuesday, when a whole slew of local realtors will come tour our place. Mostly because I’m worried that they’ll tell Renee a whole bunch of things that we need to fix or change around the house, and I’m not looking forward to putting in any more work than we already have.

So yeah, Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00. It starts right smack in the middle of naptime. That’ll be fun. I’m hoping that Cate will fall asleep in the car and Dave and I can just go park somewhere and let the child sleep for a while. We’ll see how that works out for us. I’m going to bring a book, just in case it works.

7 thoughts on “open house

  1. Is it “A Year in Provence”? No, I haven’t bought it – didn’t sound up my alley. I said “book,” but knowing my attention span, it’ll most likely be either the latest Entertainment Weekly or I’ll just bring along the Gameboy.

  2. Good luck on Saturday – with the Open House AND Nap Time.

    Thanks for sharing the story of your cousin and her website. It sounds like you have a really amazing, caring family.

  3. I liked A Year In Provence, but mostly because I’ve been to most of the villages and towns in the book. It is a funny book, but funnier if you have a mental picture to hang it on.

    Did you enjoy Under the Tuscan Sun? If so, you’d like YiP.

    Heather- I just saw your blog and am so happy that your baby doesn’t have CF. That’s really, really great news.

  4. I read A Year in Provence also. It made me hungry, I enjoyed it.

    When we were selling our house, our realtors told us that open houses were more for other realtors rather than for buyers. However, we bought our house in Austin on impulse after wandering into an open house while out for a walk in the neighborhood.

  5. I never read Under the Tuscan Sun. I saw the movie and thought it was cute, although I understand that it’s nothing at all like the book. I think my main reason for not reading A Year in Provence is that it would require time and an attention span, both of which I am severely lacking these days.

    And Tony: we don’t get much pedestrian traffic out here (shocking, I know!), so I’m not really expecting any impulse buyers to wander in. It’ll be interesting to see what the other realtors think, though.

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