now if we can just maintain the spotlessness…

I apologize for any technical difficulties today, I decided to upgrade my version of WordPress, which always seems to cause way more of a headache than I think it will.

Last night was good. We cleaned like maniacs, of course, and I learned that Dave is even more nitpicky about clutter than I am, which honestly shocked the hell out of me. (He hid our decorative basket of extra toilet paper rolls! I thought it looked fine.) I baked cookies, left them out with a little note inviting our guests to enjoy, and the three of us headed out for dinner.

And you know? When it takes 15 minutes to drive to Redmond each way, it’s surprisingly easy to kill an hour. We headed over to Redmond Town Center, and took Cate to one of the play areas. [For you locals: the area between Gene Juarez and Ruby’s Diner.] It was the first time we’d gone there, but it turned out to be perfect for her, because it’s covered (no rain!), it’s gated off (no getting trampled by shoppers!), and it’s got that nice rubberized flooring (no head injuries!).

If we go there again, I’m going to have to bring my camera, because Cate was so ecstatic, it was hilarious. She doesn’t usually get the chance to walk around out in public where there are lots of people around, but since this was a small fenced area, we just set her down and let her go. For the first few minutes, she hardly even seemed to notice the big play structure in the middle, she just walked around shrieking with glee.

We let her run around and burn off some energy for about 20 minutes, then we headed upstairs to the Greek place for dinner. (I guess it’s technically Turkish? I don’t know, they serve gyros.) Since Cate had some time to play beforehand, she was really good in the restaurant. Of course, the place was empty except for us so it wouldn’t have mattered either way, but it was nice to not have to eat my dinner with one hand because she wanted to sit in my lap. Instead, she sat happily in the highchair the whole time, and ate a couple of slices of pita bread. (She didn’t care for the lentil soup we got her.) It was really nice.

When we got home, I found the business card of the realtor who showed our house (nice of her to leave it behind), and I saw that they did, in fact, eat three of my cookies. So I guess that worked.

The downside is that with only three gone, we were left with nine freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, and oh, what to do with them? Yeah. We’d better sell this place fast or I’m not going to be able to fit into my pants pretty soon.

8 thoughts on “now if we can just maintain the spotlessness…

  1. What can I say, I come from a family where spare toilet rolls were individually covered knitted cutesy-animal-shaped covers (ours was a pink poodle)

    Everthing in it’s place!

    I also hid the toothbrushes… (did you find yours by the way)

  2. Yes, sweetie, I found both of our toothbrushes and put them back in their proper place. It’s been almost 24 hours, I have brushed my teeth since then, thank you.

  3. “Twice a week is more than enough.”
    Funny- that’s what I’ve said about English toilet paper. Maybe the pink poodle is softer? 😉

  4. hehe – I assume you’re referring to the wax-coated kind that they seem to put in all public places over there.

    Whoever came up with that idea wasn’t thinking straight, or was playing a mean practical joke.

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